life is waiting just behind that veil

i can’t find very many of my words, but i loved seeing iris dement.

this: that she writes about the kingdom of heaven in ordinary things and people baptizing themselves in fire hydrants and her pictures are so sharp, so clear, that almost no one could cover one of her songs. it’s not the voice that you couldn’t cover. my friend Ellie can do her voice well. it’s the person you can’t cover. she is herself and brings you to your heart’s knees. hope the people beside you don’t see any your naked wretched glory. this song.

here’s a link to one of her songs you might be familiar with. mostly she sounded more like this, with that rolling pentecostal piano, which tends to turn its attention to death and home and the union thereof.

between reading franky schaeffer and listening to iris, today it seems like i don’t understand the kingdom of god at all. but it only seems good. it only seems good to crack open this heart and let things in.




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